BMW E30 M3

This BMW E30 M3 was created using the same techniques found on the video Tutorials on the new drft3D YouTube channel.

I recently went through a phase of modelling older classic German cars from the 1980’s, maybe I will move onto some 1990’s JDM classics next. The E30 M3 is one of my all-time favorite cars, I love the simplistic boxy shape coupled with the wider wings to facilitate the wider sportier track. Despite its boxy appearance, I think this was the most difficult 3D car model that I have ever made.

I thought a nice jet-black would suit this care the best. The most common colors I found online were red examples with silver wheels, which looked great. However, I did fins a couple of examples sporting a black paint with red trim. I decided to add some aftermarket BBS wheels, which just look perfect on almost any German car.

I did actually start a 3D modelling series displaying this build but I ended up stopping part way through due to the complexity, luckily, I did not start uploading the series before my failure! Because of this project, I have decided for drft3D that I will not be uploading a series until it is completed. That way if I struggle with the build I can start something new without leaving anyone disappointed. Obviously, I finally got it finished but I would never choose a similar designed car again.