drft3D specialises in creating Learning Materials and Video Resources for anyone interested 3D Car Modeling. All videos are available on YouTube with additional materials available for Subscribers.


I was the first to create a full photorealistic 3D Car Modeling Tutorial on Autodesk Maya on YouTube. Since then, I have been developing in depth 3D Car Modeling tutorials as part of the 8fifty2torials YouTube Channel. That channel has grown nicely but I wanted to create a bit more of a community with drft3D. I now plan to expand on the tutorial series’ by having a HUB in which I can save, store and distribute files that will be helpful as part of the projects. The project files can be anything from Blueprints that were used within the various project, to associated files that were not included within the builds for example tires and brakes.

I have started to build a free Blueprint Library consisting of the blueprints that have been used for development within drft3D tutorial videos. I will eventually update these versions with high resolution drawings but that may take a little time.

This website will also be a location where subscribers can show off the work created as part of the drft3D projects. Information on how to contribute can be found on the Showcases page. Make sure you follow @drft3D on Instagram for all the latest projects and progress. DM me if you have completed one of the tutorials and would like to showcase your work.

I am asked so many questions regarding my process and methods when 3D Car Modeling, check out the FAQ page where I try to answer everything.

Porsche 964 RWB 3D Render

drft3D is hoping to become a community driven platform that allows the audience help mould content.

New videos are available to everyone on the drft3D YouTube Channel. You may find some of my older content over on 8fifty2torials

Audi R8 Spyder

Video Tutorial, full Exterior

Once you have completed this tutorial series, you will have created a full high detailed realistic model of an Audi R8 Spyder.

Ford GT

Video Tutorial, full Exterior

Damn this is a tough build, I would before following this tutorial series that you first complete the Audi R8 Spyder as it is quite advanced.

Tesla Cybertruck

Video Tutorial, full Exterior

Was creating the Cybertruck as part of a side project and thought that I would record it along the way. A really short eight part series.