Ford GT 3D Car Modeling Tutorial

Learn to model a fully detailed High Poly Ford GT, all videos will be available for free on YouTube, stay tuned for more!

Welcome to my Ford GT 3D Tutorial. This is quite an advanced level tutorials as the Ford GT body has a very complex design. This Tutorial series will be looking at the tools and techniques required to create a high poly, fully realized Ford GT. The series uses Autodesk May to complete the vehicle however, any 3D software will allow you to achieve the same result just using different tools with a different interface. I have attached all the files needed to get started, ready formatted to import straight into your 3D package.

Brake and Tire Download


Watch the build in full from start to finish using Autodesk Maya.

Part 1

Episode one starts with the wheel arch before moving around to form the Front Bumper.

Part 2

After the basic Front Bumper shape is complete, we move onto adding basic details to the hood.

Part 3

This episode continues to work down the side of the car creating the basic door shape.

Part 4

After working across the roof, we move on to the Rear Quarter Panel of the car.

Part 5

This episode focuses on adding more details to the door and Rear Quarter before merging.

Part 6

This episode continues with the rear creating the body shape around the exhaust pipes.

Part 7

More work around the rear quarter and the body shape that surrounds the Tail Lights.

Part 8

Starting the Rear Diffuser, creating a base mesh that we will detail a little later.

Part 9

Joining the roof to the rear quarter and adding in some hidden details for air flow.

Part 10

Remodeling some areas to help with the smoothing process then adding a basic floor.

Part 11

This episode links the roof with the rear quarter panel and adds the trim ready for glass.

Part 12

Here we make a few edits to the rear quarter before creating some honeycomb grills.

Part 13

Subdivide time! Next we add some details before we start to extract and smooth the front bumper.

Part 14

Coming Soon…

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