Can I request a tutorial?

As soon as the channel has grown enough to allow me to create community posts, the channel content will then be based on subscriber polls.

Why do you only upload Videos twice a week?

I do these tutorial videos in my spare time which is sometimes hard to find. I only upload twice a week as I don’t want there to be any significant gaps between videos.

I am working through one of your series but there is a problem with my model, can you help me fix it?

Yes! if you contact me on Instagram or Twitter @drft3D and I have the time I will have a look. I would quite like to create some videos where I fix common errors.

Where do you find your Blueprints?

Simple online search, sometimes I’ve had to move onto a different car if I’m unable to source a usable high resolution set.

Why did you leave the 8fifty2torials channel on YouTube?

I haven’t left that channel, drft3D is a personal project I do on the side but also wanted to build something my students can find useful as part of my day job in the long term.