Tesla Cybertruck 3D Car Modeling Tutorial

Check out this eight part series where I develop a detailed 3D model of a Tesla Cybertruck.

Welcome to my Tesla Cybertruck 3D Car Modeling Tutorial. This Tutorial series will be looking at the tools and techniques required to create a high poly, fully realized Tesla Cybertruck. The series uses Autodesk Maya to complete the vehicle however, any 3D software will allow you to achieve the same result just using different tools with a different interface. I have attached all the files needed to get started, ready formatted to import straight into your 3D package.


Watch the build in full from start to finish using Autodesk Maya.

Part 1

Laying out the basic body shape and panel gaps before outlining the door handles.

Part 2

In this episode we extract the doors and door handles before subdividing.

Part 3

Continuing to subdivide the panels of the car, making progress from back to front.

Part 4

Probably the trickiest part as this video looks at smoothing the front end of the truck.

Part 5

No that the body is complete, the series starts to look at the arches and side skirts.

Part 6

This video covers the front and rear bumpers, this time beveling edges over subdividing.

Part 7

Coming Soon.

Part 8

Coming Soon.

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