RWB Porsche 964

RWB is one of my favourite wide body kits available. I love how Akira Nakai personally flies around the world to install the kit.

This was probably my favorite car that I have modelled for quite some time. This is the first wide body and what better way to start than an RWB Porsche. The most challenging part of the model was the rear GT spoiler, there are more crazy customizations I could have added as part of the RWB kit but the model currently is quite smooth and elegant, I did not want to go any more over the top with it.

When rendering I decided to go for a British racing green, I always struggle to choose a color because I like to keep the renders of my different cars somewhat varied. I paired the car with Gold wheels from a 911, which accent the green really nicely.

I was hoping to complete this car as part of a Live Stream series on the 8fifty2torials channel. Sometimes it is quite nice to 3D model a car without people watching. Sometimes I fear that I am missing key details and under a little pressure to not waste time refining points when recording. I do wish that I recorded the process for a time-lapse, but I will be making a short animation to fully display it soon.